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Welcome to Comann nam Pàrant

Welcome to the website of Comann nam Pàrant, the national organisation which offers advice and support on Gaelic medium education to parents.

Comann nam Pàrant (CnP), which means "Parents’ Organisation", consists of a network of around 30 local groups, representing the interests of parents whose children are educated through the medium of Gaelic at the various levels, from pre-school to secondary level. The main aim of all CnP groups is "to promote and support the establishment and maintenance of education through the medium of Gaelic". It was as a result of the efforts of parents that Gaelic medium education (GME) first began in 1985. Most of the children in GME come from homes where neither parent speaks Gaelic.

On our site you will find information on Gaelic medium education, advice leaflets and reports and news on the activities of Comann nam Pàrant groups.   

Support for Families in GME

For general information on the coronavirus go to NHS Inform, Scotland

At a time that is challenging for everyone and when we are experiencing huge changes in the way we live our lives; parents have again been tasked with supporting their child’s learning at home.

We know that schools and teachers are working hard to ensure that schoolwork can continue at home and we have also seen teachers, organisations and individuals sharing resources on social media in support of pupils’ learning at home. There are numerous resources available for GME pupils, which is to be commended, but we know that some parents have been slightly overwhelmed and confused as to the suitability of resources for the age and stage of their child.

Under our Covid-19 Resources page we provide short explanations of the available resources and have listed them under the relevant age ranges from pre-school through to secondary. We hope that parents find this useful and we will update the information regularly as different resources become available.

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