Support Materials

Because of Covid-19, we’re putting together more resources to help parents with GME at home. You’ll find these under the Covid-19 Resources tab on these pages.

Over the years, we have developed information and learning resources of our own and will put some of these online as we go on. 

Information Postcards

In these documents all web links are live…
just click on them to go to the pages you want.

A Guide to Using Gaelic in the Home

Using the Gaelic language at home will help your children in school! 

12 top tips and 10 games to play using Gaelic with your kids at home.

Download (PDF) - 2 pages A5

Language Immersion - Dos and Don’ts

How to work with your child to learn Gaelic in the home. Things to try and things to avoid.

Download (PDF) - 2 pages A6


A Guide to Who's Who in the Gaelic World

Links to the web sites of organisations who offer services and resources for Gaelic speakers and learners..

Download (PDF) - 2 pages A6


Useful Links

Useful links for parents with children in GME. Where to go for information, Gaelic learning, extra-curricular activities, as well as books and resources.

Download (PDF) - 2 pages A6

Picture and Word

10 A4 pages with Gaelic names for everyday objects you can stick to things  around the home.

Download PDF



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