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The training and preparation of parents for the task needs to be responsive to differences in local situations and prepare advisors to deliver in a variety of circumstances which are mainly likely to be:

  • Pre-school groups
  • Open days at schools
  • Stands at events
  • Responding to enquiries from individual parents

Parental Advisors provide information on Gaelic-medium education and on Gaelic-medium activities in their local area.   Where the parental advisory scheme operates most effectively there is partnership working with other organisations such as the local authority, Bòrd na Gàidhlig early years workers, playgroup leaders, learning establishment and Gaelic organisation development officers. The advisors encourage parents to attend Gaelic early years’ groups, nurseries and Gaelic medium education. In some areas Parent Advisors are involved in providing direct support to the Gaelic early years sector. This may involve organising Bookbug sessions, rhyme time, taster sessions in Gaelic for pre-school children or setting up and running Gaelic Pàrant is Pàiste groups.

We also advise, whenever it is possible, that parents use Gaelic at home so that children can hear the language outwith school. This is very important in establishing bilingualism and fluency in Gaelic.

The advisors are paid for their work by Comann nam Pàrant who keep a record of information packs distributed and number of interactions with parents.

The scheme is funded by Bòrd na Gàidhlig and Comann nam Pàrant is supported by the education team at BnaG in managing the scheme.

Comann nam Pàrant are supported by Comunn na Gàidhlig to establish the scheme in the Iomairtean Gàidhlig areas. 



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