Gaelic medium education in secondary ensures continuity in the learning experience of children who have been educated through the medium of Gaelic in the primary school. This enables pupils to become more competent, gaining an understanding of Gaelic as a modern language through which secondary education can be delivered.

Most Gaelic medium pupils are able to study Gaelic for fluent speakers as a subject in secondary school. The Scottish Qualifications Authority currently offers Gaelic - language examinations in a range of subjects including maths, geography and history and several schools offer Gaelic - medium tuition in these subjects.

The Glasgow Gaelic School which opened in August 2006 will offer tuition through Gaelic in all secondary subjects and other schools will benefit from the new curriculum developments and resources on offer.

Wouldn’t it be better for children to learn a more “useful” language like French or German?

 In Scotland, with the rapid growth of cultural industries, Gaelic is in fact as useful a passport to employment as French and German and can offer a direct line to many attractive job opportunities. These opportunities will increase as organisations and public bodies are required to meet their obligations under the Gaelic Language Act. Parents should note that pupils may also study a European language as well as Gaelic at secondary level.



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