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Aithisg Bhliadhnail

Aithisg Bhliadhnail | Annual Report 2020-2021



Geàrr-chunntas Disathairne 4mh Sultain 2010

Geàrr-chunntas Choinneamh Chomann nam Pàrant (Nàiseanta)

Comann nam Pàrant (Nàiseanta) (CnP(N)) 

Disathairne 4mh Sultain 2010 aig 10m ann an Oifis Chomunn na Gàidhlig, 5 Caolshràid Mhìcheil, Inbhir Nis, IV2 3HQ


An làthair


Sharon Methven (SM) Obar Dheathain

Dawn Morgan (DM)            Inbhir Nis

Bob McGowan (BM) Dùn Èideann agus Lodainn

Marsaili Dow (MD) Siorrachd Àir

Margaret Ford (MF) Àth-tharacaill

Magaidh Wentworth (MW) Oifigear Phàrant


1. Leisgeulan


Fiona NicLeòid (FN) Ros an Ear


2. Geàrr-chunntas na coinneimh, 22 Cèitean 2010


The minute of the meeting on 22nd May was accepted with the following change:


From §6 Goireasan / Resources ‘The background teaching material could also be made available in Gaelic’ to Perhaps background teaching material might also be made available in Gaelic’.


Proposed: Marsaili Dow


Seconded: Dawn Morgan


3. Gnothaichean ag èirigh nach eil air a’ chlàr-chùisean


From §5 Parental Advisory Scheme


Contact details of advisors are now available on the CnP website.


From §6 Resources


BnaG have requested a Gaelic Language Plan from the National Museum


From §7 Comann nam Pàrant Area Meetings


‘Letter to BnaG re: HC Plan’ A letter had been sent to the Minister for Gaelic, Fiona Hyslop and a response received. Both were circulated to the meeting and it was agreed to respond positively to the invitation from the government to meet with them to discuss issues raised in our letter.


Action: MW to reply to letter from Linda Roberts, Scottish Executive.


4. Comann nam Pàrant (Nàiseanta) – Rathad air adhart


As discussed at our last meeting all Gaelic organisations had been asked to make a presentation to a panel at BnaG detailing how the work that they are currently undertaking, how their organisation could contribute towards implementing the Action Plan for Gaelic, how they will work with other organisations and an estimate of costs of projects. DM and MW had made the CnP presentation on the 18 th June and had subsequently received a letter from BnaG, a translation of which had been circulated to this committee, which proposed that the post of Parental Officer be managed by BnaG directly and not CnaG. This would save the £20,000 annual management costs currently paid to CnaG. This proposal was discussed and some concern expressed that what BnaG now appeared to be proposing might be detrimental to the interests of CnP and effectively cut support for our organisation. Although DM and MW had met with an officer from BnaG we are still awaiting details of what they are proposing in writing and it was decided that we have to wait until then before responding.


5. Pròiseact Comhairleachaidh Phàrant


MW reported that she would be continuing to build on the number of parent advisors with training sessions planned for Inverness and Glasgow in the next two months. She has also just met with advisors in Lochaber and will be arranging to meet advisors in other areas shortly. DM said that although numbers were healthy in Inverness it would be helpful to have trained parental advisors who would be able to advise and support parents especially those new to GME.


6. Goireasan


MW has met with the communications officer at BnaG who has offered to look at branding and design of materials such as ‘pop up’ banners for advisors.


An invitation has been sent to media organisations to tender for a DVD that will complement the Fios is Freagairt booklet on GME.



7. Coinneamhan Sgìreil Chomann nam Pàrant


During the summer holidays a number of representatives from Highland Area had met with Hugh Fraser (HF), Director of Education, Highland Council to discuss the concerns that CnP had about changes to teacher / pupil ratios in GME. We were told that although there was strong support for Gaelic within the council that there was also a very vocal anti-Gaelic lobby and that Gaelic had to be seen to be taking its share of the cuts in the current financial climate.


HF said that the council would be closely monitoring the situation over the next few months, all complaints from parents would be noted and then they will decide whether they needed to rethink. It was decided that CnP needed to continue to monitor the situation in Highland and organise another area meeting soon.


Action : MW to liaise with DM regarding date and venue for meeting


Kenny Murray, Gaelic Manager to be contacted regarding possible representation from the local authority at meeting


MW - Online petition on ratios to be sent to Highland Council


Other area meetings – as Argyll is another local authority with a number of Gaelic medium facilities it would be useful to have an area meeting.


Action : MW to contact Gaelic Development Officer in Argyll 8. Sgrùdadh air Cosg


There has been a request from the Chair of the Edinburgh CnP group that CnP (N) draw up a template letter for parents in all areas to send to Scottish Government to encourage continued investment in Gaelic in the current difficult financial climate.


Action : DM and MW to draw up letter


9. Puingean ag èirigh bhon fiosrachadh às gach sgìre


Members present from Edinburgh and Lothian, Aberdeen, Kilmarnock, Inverness and Acharacle gave a short verbal report on the current GM situation in each of these areas.




MW will be representing CnP on the Excellence Group for Gaelic which will be meeting for the first time on 8th September.


CnP have been allocated a slot at the Holyrood Conference on Gaelic medium education which is planned for the 17th November in Edinburgh. 10. Coinneamhan 2010-11


Meeting dates were set as follows:


Sat. 20th Nov. in Glasgow

Sat. 5th March in Inverness

Friday 20th May AGM in Glasgow

Sat. 21st May in Glasgow 



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