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Aithisg Bhliadhnail

Aithisg Bhliadhnail | Annual Report 2020-2021



Geàrr-chunntasan Disathairne 21 Samhain 2009

Geàrr-chunntasan Choinneamhan Chomann nam Pàrant (Nàiseanta)

Comann nam Pàrant (Nàiseanta) (CnP(N))

Geàrr-chunntas na coinneimh

Disathairne 21 Samhain 2009 aig 10.30m ann an Oifis Comunn na Gàidhlig, 22 Sràid Achadh a’ Mhansa, Glaschu.


An làthair


Dawn Morgan (DM) Inbhir Nis


Kerry Butler (KB) Sruighlea & Clach Mhanainn


Marsaili Dow (MD) Siorrachd Air


Sharon Methven (SM) Obar Dheathain


Mary Galbraith (MG) Glaschu


Sine NicIlleathain (SN) Comunn na Gàidhlig


Magaidh Wentworth (MW) Oifigear Phàrant


1. Leisgeulan



Sandy Nicholson (SN) Dùn Èideann agus Lodainn


Colin Meek (CM) Ulapul


Lorna NicDhiarmaid (LN) An t-Eilean Sgitheanach


Fiona NicLeòid (FN) Ros an Ear


2. Geàrr-chunntas na coinneimh, 12 Sultain 2009

Minutes of meeting, 12 September 2009


The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted.


Proposed: Marsaili Dow


Seconded: Sharon Methven


3. Gnothaichean ag èirigh nach eil air a’ chlàr-chùisean

Matters arising not on agenda / Action Points


From §4 National Conference


The Macphail Centre in Ullapool is booked for the Annual General Meeting on 22 nd May. Suggestions for workshops were ‘How to support your child’ and ‘Working with your local council’.


Action: MW and DM to meet to discuss details of workshops and speaker before our next meeting.


MG suggested that there was a need for Gaelic organisations to attend Party Political conferences in order to lobby our representatives. Members agreed that this should be happening but there would need to be funding made available for lobbying activity.


From §5 Operational Plan


Letter to chair of Bòrd na Gàidhlig regarding additional staffing for CnP sent and reply received from the Chair which was supportive and suggested a meeting with BnaG management team, to be arranged in December.


Letter to Education Manager at Bòrd na Gàidhlig regarding the need for national policy on GME sent and reply received from Rosemary Ward who will meet with DM and MW to discuss.


At this point MG left the meeting.


From §7 Website and Promotion


The minutes from CnP(N) meetings are now being posted on our website.


A reminder was sent to local groups that they are able to have information posted on www.parant.org.uk


From §8 Online resource showing GME in action is still being investigated.


4. Pròiseact Comhairleachaidh Phàrant

Parental Advisory Scheme


MW reported that the training day held in Glasgow on the 16 th September had gone well with parents from Kilmarnock, Meadowburn, Mount Cameron and Condorrat in attendance. There have also been follow up sessions with some of these parents as well as some of the attendees from the training day in Inverness to discuss further implantation of the scheme at local level. The next round of training will be early in the New Year in Glasgow, Aberdeen and possibly Islay. MW will contact the Gaelic development officer in Aberdeen, Mairi Morley and in order to liaise with her on parent training. The Glasgow training session could include parents from Stirling and MW to liaise with KB on this.


5. Goireasan



MW tabled leaflet and posters from University of Edinburgh ‘Bilingual Matters’. There was discussion on resources that would be useful in promotion of GME as well as publicity materials for Comann nam Pàrant.


Action : MW to purchase publicity materials


6. Coinneamhan Sgìreil Comann nam Pàrant

Comann nam Pàrant Area Meetings


Meetings on a local authority basis have been discussed on a number of occasions by CnP. A very successful seminar for Argyll groups was held in 2007 and MD reported that herself and MG had tried to bring representatives from groups in the Glasgow area together on a number of occasions. It might be more beneficial to organise area seminars than to bring parents together for regular meetings at area level. The consensus was that discussion between groups in each local authority area would be helpful especially for example in Highland where there were currently a number of important issues such as progressing Gaelic schools as well as the failure of the authority to appoint a Gaelic education officer.


Action: MW and DM to organise meeting of Highland representatives early in the New Year and MW to send MD list of Glasgow contact details.


7. Coinneamh Bhliadhnail

Annual General Meeting


See §3. MW and DM will also discuss presentations for AGM as well as workshops.


8. Puingean ag èirigh bhon fiosrachadh às gach sgìre

Points arising from the information from each area


The main points arising from the area reports were discussed as follows:


Kilmarnock – there is a problem with accommodation of GM primary which was recently highlighted in local press (link to article on www.parant.org.uk). Comann nam Pàrant are holding an EGM next week to allow all parents to discuss this issue.


Aberdeen – The resignation of the only secondary Gaelic teacher is of concern to parents and the impact on their children’s’ education, especially those sitting exams this year.




Principal teacher of GM has left. All classes are covered at the moment but may be a problem when a teacher goes on maternity leave in March. Nursery has ‘Gaelic input’ but this is minimal.




BSGI has Acting Headteacher until the end of current session. Numbers continue to rise and the local authority has recently agreed to add two classrooms to the school. Secondary provision is much better and there are now 4 GM subjects available. Pre-school is concerning, one toddler group has closed and the other has reduced sessions from two to one per week.





KB raised the question of what rights CnP groups had in liaising with schools and how to deal with issues such as reluctance on the part of the school to have bilingual logos. Although there is no consistency as yet on bilingual ethos within schools that have GME Comann nam Pàrant believe that children should have materials in the language of their education and that Gaelic should be visible throughout the school. Regarding keeping parents and teachers informed of CnP activities as well as school bag mail some groups e-mail minutes of meetings etc and post information on websites.


MW reported on the latest meeting of the National Education Steering group for Gaelic.


LN had asked that the issue of the current restructuring at CnaG be raised at the meeting and the possible detrimental affect that this would have on Sradagan. Following discussion it was agreed that CnP should write to CnaG and BnaG expressing our concern. It was also agreed to support the Sradagan Christmas party for groups in the Glasgow area with a small donation to cover any deficit.


Action : DM to write to CnaG and BnaG


10. An ath choinneamh

Next meeting

The next meeting will be held on Saturday 6 th March in Inverness.

The following meeting date was also confirmed: 

Saturday 22nd May AGM in Ullapool



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