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BBC Alba
BBC Alba will continue their children’s schedule between 5 and 7pm every day with an additional mix of fun educational programmes to support learning and share ideas for things to make and do over the coming weeks

BBC Alba can be accessed on Sky 117, FreeView Channel or on iPlayer BBC for up to 30 days.

BBC Alba also have a YouTube Channel where you can access a lot of the videos that are on BBC Alba.

CnP Glasgow Videos
CnP Glasgow Videos
Pages  containing several short videos on parents' choices, how GME works for them and the advice they would give to parents who are considering Gaelic Medium Education as an option for their family.

Education Scotland
Here you will find a range of activities to support your child’s learning through the medium of Gaelic. The activities are designed to help children and young people use Gaelic at home. There are some activities that your child can do on their own or as a family.

Stòrlann Nàiseanta
Stòrlann Nàiseanta are the organisation charged with the production and distribution of Gaelic Resources nationally. They are behind the resources such as Gàidhlig nan Òg and Gaelic 4 Parents. On their main website you will find links and further information about other resources. 



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