After School

BBC Alba
BBC Alba will continue their children’s schedule between 5 and 7pm every day with an additional mix of fun educational programmes to support learning and share ideas for things to make and do over the coming weeks. 

BBC Alba can be accessed on Sky 117, FreeView Channel or on iPlayer BBC for up to 30 days.

BBC Alba also have a YouTube Channel where you can access a lot of the videos that are on BBC Alba.

Cafe Bheairteis 
3.30-4.45 every Friday. Registration is limited and to be done through Eventbright. Opportunity for young people from across the country to speak together.

FC Sonas
A channel created by Calum Ferguson and Donald Forbes. They bring football and Gaelic together and a fun and interesting way. Give them on a follow on Facebook and Twitter to see all their latest news and projects. 




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