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Comann nam Pàrant at Local Level

CnP at Local Level

Local CnP groups are considered very important for a number of reasons;

  • They bring parents whose children are being educated through the medium of Gaelic together to discuss issues which affect the education of their children at all levels
  • A CnP group can act as a good support mechanism for the school providing Gaelic medium education, working in conjunction with Parent Councils
  • Office bearers of a CnP committee can speak on behalf of all parents with authority. Councils, schools, etc. appreciate dealing with parental representatives rather than many individuals
  • Being constituted community groups, they can attract funding that a school cannot
  • Parents with children in Gaelic medium education can promote GME within their own localities
  • They endeavour to support extra curricular Gaelic medium activities, including the work of the Gaelic youth clubs, Sradagan

Children's School GroupHow do I get involved in CnP?

Many areas with Gaelic medium education provision have a local Comann nam Pàrant Committee. CnP groups are open to all parents with children in GME, at any level from pre-school to secondary, and parents are encouraged to attend CnP general meetings. If you would like to get in touch with your local CnP representative, please contact the Parental Officer who will provide names and details.

If there is no CnP group in your area and you wish to establish a group, the procedure is quite straightforward. The Parental Officer will met with you, talk you through the CnP Constitution, explain what a CnP group can do in a community and answer any questions you may have on the matter, and then it is up to you whether you put pen to paper and become a group member of the national CnP network. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you wish to establish a new group.





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