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Family Gaelic Week in Lewis 2008


Families from Edinburgh, Dingwall, Tain, Bonar Bridge, Fort William and Appin travelled to Lewis to take part in the Gaelic family week organised by Comann nam Pàrant and Comunn na Gàidhlig for the week beginning the 28th July.

During the week, parents attended Ùlpan Gaelic classes whilst their children were at Fèis Eilean an Fhraoich in Stornoway.

Magaidh Wentworth, Parental Officer for Comann nam Pàrant said,

“This is the third Gaelic week that we have organised for families and held in Lewis but the first time that we have been able to give the parents an opportunity to try out Ùlpan classes. Della Mackay who works part-time for Comunn na Gàidhlig in Inverness is a trained Ùlpan tutor, as is her husband Iain, and we were very fortunate that they were both able to tutor the parents for us during this week.

Parents were given a very intensive two lessons a day which allowed them to get a good start in learning Gaelic and an understanding of what is involved in the Ùlpan course.

Encouragingly all the parents on the course were keen to follow up the week and hope to be able to access Ùlpan in their own areas“

The week was not all hard work, families enjoyed the events at the Fèis as well as a cèilidh held in the Stoodie Community Centre in Point where they were entertained by their own children as well as a number of local musicians who came along to play for us.

Some comments from parents on their week:

Ùlpan is very good at developing spoken Gaelic – something that is usually very poorly done on other courses – so it is an excellent complement.

The Gaelic classes have been intense but great fun. Ian is a brilliant teacher with great energy and enthusiasm which has kept us all going when we’ve been tired.

What a great way of learning. Our tutors were the best. I would attend an Ùlpan class as soon as one starts in my area.

Great fun, fantastic set up / organisation.

Has surpassed my expectations, I have really enjoyed the course and feel at last I have gained a good basic grasp of the language.

It has taken away my fear of learning Gaelic and increased my confidence.

The children have also really enjoyed the experience of attending the Fèis.

Comann nam Pàrant is funded by Bòrd na Gàidhlig to run this learning week for families with children in Gaelic medium education.

 Leodhais 2008



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