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Gaelic schools week in Edinburgh 2008


Around 200 Gaelic-speaking children from around Scotland gathered in the capital this April for the fifth annual Gaelic Schools Week, organised by Comann nam Pàrant and Comunn na Gàidhlig. This year’s event had activities at the Royal Botanic Gardens, National Gallery, National Museum of Scotland and Our Dynamic Earth.

Pupils in Gaelic medium education throughout Scotland were given the opportunity to attend and use their Gaelic outwith the classroom in a wide range of settings.

Magaidh Wentworth, of Comann nam Pàrant, explained:

“Educational visits are so important for children’s development and perception of the language and this event provides an opportunity to learn through enjoying a number of activities through the medium of Gaelic.

This year for the first time we were able to include workshops at the National Gallery where children were able to work under the guidance of Gaelic speaking artist, Liondsaidh Chaimbeul and tour part of the Gallery with Comunn na Gàidhlig staff member, Sìne NicIlleathain.

We hope to continue to add to the number and variety of activities which support the curriculum giving children in Gaelic medium education the same opportunities as those in English medium education.

As well as educational benefits for the children the Gaelic week raises the profile of the language in the capital of Scotland as these groups of children go round major attractions in the city using Gaelic amongst themselves and with their teachers and guides.”

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