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Annual General Meeting of Comann nam Pàrant (Nàiseanta) 2007


The Annual General Meeting of Comann nam Pàrant (Nàiseanta) was held in Inverness this year on Friday 11th May with parents attending representing different areas from Uist to Edinburgh.

In this year’s Annual Report the chairperson, Iona McHale recounts the progress that has been achieved in Gaelic medium education over the year but also acknowledges that there have been disappointments and lack of progress in some areas. Iona, who is standing down as chair after three years in the position, said

“I would like to thank all the parents in the many areas that have campaigned this year for Gaelic medium education, we realise how difficult this work can be at times but it is only because of parents who are willing to continue this struggle that progress will be made.”

Following the formal proceedings Rosemary Ward and Angela MacGillivray from Bòrd na Gàidhlig gave a talk on the ‘National Strategy for Gaelic Education’. After their talk there was an opportunity to put questions to a panel where Rosemary and Angela were joined by DJ MacLeod, Highland Council and Janet MacLeod, Headteacher of the Inverness Gaelic School. Parents took full advantage of this opportunity to put questions to such a panel of experts on education and there was a very interesting discussion on a variety of topics connected with Gaelic medium education.

The next day CNP(N) held a committee meeting where Curstaidh MacDonald from Uist was nominated as chairperson and Dawn Morgan as vice-chair. Taking up her new position Curstaidh said

“CnP(N) are pleased with the strong support that they are getting from the Education Manager at Bòrd na Gàidhlig, Rosemary Ward, and we are looking forward to working with her and the Board in developing Gaelic medium education at every level throughout Scotland. This year, we will work particularly towards establishing more Gaelic schools, increasing the number of subjects available at secondary level and improving marketing of Gaelic medium education.”

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