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Gaelic parents to receive boost through workshops


Comann nam Pàrant Inbhir Nis (the association to support parents of children in Gaelic medium education in the Inverness area) have received funding from Bòrd na Gàidhlig to host a series of workshops to assist parents on their Gaelic language skills and to encourage them to use the language at home with their children.

The workshops will cover a number of topics including, story reading skills, Gaelic games, Gaelic awareness, Gaelic taster sessions, helping with homework, domestic vocabulary, and Gaelic online resources.

Chairman of Comann nam Pàrant Inbhir Nis (CNP-Inbhir Nis) Brian Ó hEadhra has warmly welcomed the support - “we are delighted to receive this grant from Bòrd na Gàidhlig to assist us on this important project. As a parent it is not always easy to access information and guidance on extra-curricular Gaelic medium activities and we hope these workshops will assist parents in their own Gaelic acquisition and parenting skills."

Comann nam Pàrant Inbhir Nis continually seek to develop and grow Gaelic medium education, at all levels, in the Inverness area. They will hold their AGM on the 28th September at 7pm at Bunsgoil Ghàidhlig Inbhir Nis. A number of guest speakers and local Gaelic groups will attend to discuss a number of pressing issues relating to Gaelic education including – a new Gaelic Secondary School for the area, Cùram Chloinne Inbhir Nis's proposed Gaelic pre-school centre & the proposed Gaelic “hub” for Inverness. 

Mr Ó hEadhra concludes

“Gaelic primary medium education has been a great success in the area and we now have to look to the future to accommodate and develop the preschool and secondary provision. All of the related organisations are working hard to make the Highlands a fully bilingual/multilingual society and we welcome anyone who would like to partake in these exciting cultural innovations"

The parents workshops will start in October with exact dates and times to follow.



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