Pre-school Gaelic medium provision, in the form of playgroups and nurseries, is an important first step in the formal education process.

Many areas have Pàrant agus Pàiste, parent-and-toddler groups, which are usually run by a volunteer committee and may employ a play-leader.

Cròileagan, Gaelic play-groups, are again run by volunteer committees and most employ one or more play-leaders. In some areas Cròileagan groups take the place of nursery provision.

The national body responsible for these voluntary pre-schools groups is Bòrd na Gàidhlig.

Council-run nursery provision is now available in most areas and is normally attached to the school or schools in which the authority offers Gaelic-medium primary education.

Is Gaelic medium education possible if we can’t speak Gaelic ourselves?

Yes. Most children in Gaelic education come from non-Gaelic speaking homes. There is help available and opportunities for parents to learn Gaelic.


Does my child have to go to a pre-school Gaelic group before going into Gaelic medium education?

This is not absolutely necessary but it is advisable whenever possible and most Gaelic medium provision does now have attached nursery provision.