Primary 1-3

BBC iPlayer – Cartoons 
Gaelic Cartoons for children. A good way for them to still be hearing Gaelic.

Boillsg – YouTube Channel 
A YouTube channel with a collection of different Gaelic speakers doing a variety of activities such as Singing, Art, Baking and stories! Good for children to be hearing Gaelic from a variety of Gaelic speakers

Clasrum air an òir
A Facebook group with videos from children doing Gaelic activities, work and games ran by a Gaelic Teacher.

Cluichidh sinn còmhla
New resources from Highland Council where there are tables of ideas and topics that you could do with the children and links to other websites with videos/songs. The tables are split into categories, Literacy, Numeracy & Mathematics, Health & Wellbeing and Social Science.

CnaG Na h-Eileanan Siar - CnaG Na h-Eileanan Siar. 
The Gaelic Officers in the Western Isles have come together and created this Facebook page. There is a mixture of videos including baking, football quizzes and craft challenges. With more to come!

Comhairle nan Leahbraichean and Giglets Education have teamed up offering a selection of books online. You need to register, but once registered they are free for you to read and there a large choice of books for different age groups.

There is plenty of resources available here for all ages such as Audio Books, songs, vocabulary, Gaelic worksheets and Live Homework Help everyday from 5-7 during term time. If you follow them on Facebook they have resources available there.

Gàidhlig air loidhne le Shonaàidhlig-air-loidhne-le-Shona-geamaichean-ealain-spòrs-107528404226129/
The CnaG officer in Inverness has created this page where she is doing live videos of art activities, quizzes and games. Lots of fun for all ages and the whole family!

Leugh & Seinn le Linda A YouTube channel where Linda MacLeod will be hosting virtual reading and singing workshops on ‘Gaelic Books Council’ YouTube channel. She’ll be streaming live every Thursday at 10am for kids aged 0-5 and again at 10.30 for kids aged 5-8.

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe in Gaelic! – 
The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe in Gaelic! Every Monday and Thursday at 2pm, Mary Ann Kennedy is reading the newly translated version of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe – An Leòmhann, A’ Bhuidseach agus Am Preas-Aodaich!

Miss MacDonald 
A Youtube Channel for parents with children in GME by Kristina MacDonald, a Class 1 teacher in the Ath-thaigh Sgoil Ghaidhlig Ghlaschu in Govan. There are songs, stories and other fun things on it.

Miss MacKinnon – YouTube Channel 
A YouTube channel with stories, writing ideas and songs specifically for younger years.

Padlet - 
This is a list of resources that are available online and that gets updated when new ones become available. It has been created by a teacher who splits the resources into different topics and gives a short description as to what the resource is offering. – 
Padlet with a mixture of Gaelic Resources for primary and secondary with resources also available for Gaelic learners.

Picture and Word
On the Comann nam Pàrant website
10 A4 pages with Gaelic names for everyday objects you can stick to things  around the home.

Rockfield Learning Videos 
Videos in Gaelic and English from teachers in Oban doing learning videos on a variety of topics.

Sgoil Stafainn
Teaching videos from teachers at Staffin Primary on Skye on their Facebook page.




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